Kids Video EEG Guide
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An online photo preparation guide for families by a Child Life Specialist.

Special thanks to Diana and Daniel Mendez, Baby Daniel and his family, Ava Liberman, St. Vincentís Hospital of Manhattan including Dr. Rolando Sousa, Alan-Video EEG Tech, Maura Duffy, Rachel Gorman and to Deb Vilas of Bank Street College for all of their support with this project. Extra special thanks to Honey Shields of Beth Israel Hospital for the first guide. We are blessed to have translation services by Felix Peresechensky and Paula Pizzi. Thank you to Cara Quinn, Tech Fellow, Bank Street College for her support and teaching.

Photographs were taken by Robby Koeppel and Ava Liberman. Text written by Robby Koeppel MS, CCLS.

Copyright 2005