Kids Video EEG Guide
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An online photo preparation guide for families by a Child Life Specialist.


This is the technician. Sometimes he wears a mask that looks like this.


This is the Doctor. He may talk to you and your caregiver first to explain the Video EEG.


When you have the Video EEG, there will be a table with things they use: a tape measure, a red pencil, wires, q-tips, cream, glue, tape, bandages, and a dryer. You can see these things here. If you have any questions, ask if you may look at them or touch them if possible.


It's time to start. You may ask to sit up in your caregiver's lap in a chair. You will then change into a button down shirt or gown. The technician will measure your head first with a tape measure and write on your head all over with a red pencil that washes off, when it's all finished. It may feel like a crayon on you.


Next comes the q-tips and cream. The cream may feel cool.


The technician may use a dryer that is very loud to blow air on your head. You can touch it. It does not hurt. Some places may not use it at all.