Kids Video EEG Guide
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An online photo preparation guide for families by a Child Life Specialist.


Lots of kids watch TV, play games, listen to music while the technician puts all the wires on. It's important to follow instructions on where to move your head and hold still so they can finish faster.


When all the wires are on your head, the technician will wrap your head with a bandage. It feels soft and keeps all the wires in place. The technician will also put tape on top.


Some kids like to put their favorite stickers on the bandage to decorate it. The technician may also put two sticky squares on you under your shirt. These two squares will come off later.


This is the video EEG machine. It's a computer with a video camera attached. Try looking at the screen to see yourself. It will make a movie of you wearing these wires to check how your brain works when you are just being you.


You will stay overnight to be monitored. Your caregiver will most likely be with you. There are many activities you can do. Before you have the bandages taken off, the technician may ask you to blow on a pinwheel or stare at blinking lights like a camera flash.


Caregivers may play with their infants and toddlers during Video EEG monitoring. Young children may have nap times and bottles, as well during their stay.