Kids Video EEG Guide
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An online photo preparation guide for families by a Child Life Specialist.

For Caregivers:

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can my child wear anything?
It is recommended that they wear a pajama top with buttons or a comfortable button down top so that it can be removed without going over the head while the wires and bandages are there.

2) How many wires are used?
23 or 24

3) How long will the hook up take?
Around an hour.


4) How can I best help my child during this procedure?
A Child Life Specialist may accompany you and your child. You can work with them to blow bubbles and use distraction toys. Music, lollipops and therapeutic touch are also helpful. Sometimes parents like to put a flavored lip balm on the child’s lips to minimize the smell.

5) May I hold my child during the procedure?
The Child Life Specialist may teach you positioning for comfort. This encourages caregivers to hold their child on their lap facing them or lay down with their child on the treatment table or bed to help them hold still. As long as the child’s head is accessible to the technician, then by all means, it is helpful, especially for babies, young children under 6 years old, and developmentally delayed children. Some places have posters or photos with recommended positioning.

6) When should I use the restroom?
Try to go before the procedure starts so that you may accompany your child throughout.


7) What else can I do to help?
Keep your voice low and speak in soothing tones. Try to stay calm and centered yourself as your child will feel more relaxed. A Child Life Specialist if available may assist you in setting up some videos for your child to watch or may help suggest activities.

8) Does my child feel any pain?
This procedure does not hurt. It is just very sensory oriented with smells, stickiness, coolness, and if the dryer is used, then loud sounds.

9) What is the food policy?
The unit will provide a tray of hospital food. You know your child’s diet. Sometimes caregivers bring favorite snacks and treats for later. Some hospitals in cities have pizza and other food delivery from restaurants that you may order from.