Kids Video EEG Guide
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An online photo preparation guide for families by a Child Life Specialist.

10) Is my child able to move about after the hook-up?
In most places the child must stay in view of the camera. If it is not a mobile unit, then the child will stay in bed, but is encouraged to engage in regular play activities. Sometimes you will be given a recording device with a button to press if you notice any seizures, or you may record the time on a piece of paper.

11) How do most kids react?
All children react differently. It is important to be supportive and calm, speak in a low voice. Most children find that being held gently and spoken to softly relax them during the procedure.

12) How does the extra glue come off when it is over?
Several good shampoos and baby oil will usually take care of this.



We hope you have found this guide useful. It is helpful to show these photos on the website to your young child the day before. If your child is older or school age, then they may look through it themselves a few days before.