Kids Video EEG Guide
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An online photo preparation guide for families by a Child Life Specialist.

Epilepsy Website


Boston Medical Center

Children's Memorial of Illinois

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Child Life Council

To find out more about Video EEG click on the above links. Type "Video EEG" in their "search" areas and see more information pertaining to pediatric Video EEG. There are many more sites on the world wide web. You may also want to try a generic website listed below. There is also a great children's book pertaining to epilepsy that is developmentally more appropriate for younger children than complex explanations from the internet. It is also helpful to search videos on "You Tube" with key search words as "kids video eeg". On "You Tube" there are now a variety of posts with different methods as well as age ranges. There are many Hospitals, Clinics, and nursing teams that have referenced this guide, as well as blogs if you put in "" in your Google search. 

Virtual Hospital explains the procedure in detail for caregivers. Virutal Hospital Click on this website for more informaiton on Video EEG. Put "Video EEG" in the search guide.

For a book for children on Epilepsy, see
"Lee the Rabbit with Epilepsy" by Deborah Moss.